Gluten free restaurants and food in Riga

If you are interested where to eat gluten free in Riga, Latvia, here I come with some tips.

In Latvian gluten free is “Bez glutēna”.

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Tīra maize

The first gluten free bakery in Latvia.

All cakes, cookies, bread, pancakes, pizza slices are gluten free, part of these tasty things are also egg free and diary free. Ģertūdes iela 60, Rīga.

Short review:

Glutenfree cafe-restaurant “Skudrupuznis”

Small family-run cafe and restaurant with modest prices and setting. Pizza, pasta, pancakes, Russian meat dumplings, salads, soups, cakes and biscuits – all gluten free. Ernesta Birznieka – Upīša iela 15, Rīga. 

Short review:

Italian restaurant Da Roberta

Good quality / price ratio, nice and calm atmosphere. Italian food with all items on menu (pizza, pasta etc.) available also as gluten free versions. Aleksandra Čaka iela 58, Rīga.


ArbOOZ – Gluten free cakes and macaroons on weekdays, only GF macaroons on weekend. Very nice, small, calm, cosy place for a cake and a cup of cafe.

Bezlgutēna tortes – gluten free cakes and muffins  on request

Ekovirtuve I have not seen GF labels on the menu, but I have heard that they understand what is gluten free. And they also bake GF cakes in request.

Kafejnīca Mierā – cakes and cafe. Sometimes GF cakes available, to be sure contact them before arriving. GF cakes on request

Mājaskūkas – this is not a cafe, but you can have your birthday cake baked gluten free on request.

Homemade GF Ice-cream “Mājassaldējums” is outside of Riga in Skrīveri. Here they list their partners – cafes and places where you can taste this deliciousness. or contact them

Muffins and more –  GF versions are available on request.

Raw Garden is absolutely gluten free it is also raw food and vegetarian and very slow and some say tasty as well.

Raw Gourmet is another super healthy place where you can see from the menu which plates are GF.

StreetBurgers is one of the best places to eat burgers and not only simply burgers but also gluten free burgers.


Gluten free flour, bread, biscuits and snacks are available in several shops (info in Latvian, see names of shops):

Anyway, feel free to ask me any question on living gluten free in Riga and Latvia –

I have tried to summarise every place I know or have heard of. There is also a twitter account for similar purpose (that is not me).



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